Rocio Hernandez Cruz – Indigenous Interpreters

Indigenous Interpreters is a collective of twelve trilingual youth who come from Guatemala and Oaxaca and now reside throughout the Central Valley and Oakland, CA. In February 2019, these youth came together for the first time for a one week intensive training on how to be effective interpreters in the legal and medical fields where indigenous speakers are difficult to access. These youth are trilingual and speak Spanish, English, and their native tongues – Zapoteco, Mam, Triqui, Amuzgo, and Mixteco.

By equipping these young people become effective interpreter we are closing the gap that prohibits indigenous communities from accessing resources. They will become certified indigenous interpreters to support as professionals in the medical and legal field and with the intention of advocating to preserve and protect indigenous languages. We will complete our training and develop a glossary of medical and legal terminology, to be used by other prospective interpreters who might not have extensive training as we have.