Rochelle Howard

Rochelle Howard, My Little Black Dress of Success (M.L.B.D.S.) Mentorship Program

Date grant awarded: 07/28/2017

The “My Little Black Dress of Success” Mentorship Program was created by Rochelle E. Howard. The program is designed to assist young girls as they transition from phase to phase. Life skills such as etiquette, budget/money management, making healthy choices and conflict resolution are just a few of the skills the girls are taught.

The M.L.B.D.S Mentorship Program was developed initially to bridge the communication gap between female enlisted soldiers and officers while deployed. It later evolved into a purpose of equipping young girls with the necessary tools for them to be successful. The program encourages the girls to be greater than their current circumstances and the importance of giving back.

The M.L.B.D.S Mentorship Program is grounded in God first and governed by 3 core values: respect, loyalty and sisterhood. Leadership skills are also taught in order for the girls to be ambassadors within their schools and communities. Building lifelong relationships by providing love, support and accountability are the most essential aspects of the program.

The girls are enrolled in an eight week program that includes classes, a field trip, a community service project, daily accountability report and award competition. Everything that they are exposed to contributes to making them greater and developing transferrable life and leadership skills.

“Investing in our future LEADERS is the beginning of our LEGACY” R.E. Howard (2011)