Robert Gerald Warbritton

Gerald Warbritton, Xitleco Collectivo: Native Language Preservation

Date grant awarded: 3/16/2017

The Xitleco Colectivo is an organization that focuses on the preservation of Native American languages. This program provides various resources to children & teens, educating and enabling them to get in touch with their ancestry. The first language of focus is Nahuatl, spoken on the Western Hemisphere pre-colonization. Historically, this language was one of the most vastly spoken throughout the continent. Our first approach is the FlashCard Operation.

The Nahuatl flashcards for children will be brought to schools/other children’s cultural events and will be made available for purchase. The proceeds from every packet of flashcards sold will be sent to Nahuatl Revival Programs in Mexico through the Instituto K.A.N.A., based out of Zacatecas. This will enable our program to not only impact children in the U.S. but those in Mexico as well. Hopefully, we will soon stretch into Central America!

The organization was founded by 24-year-old Geraldo Warbritton (Jerry Nicarao), a Nicaraguan American, born & raised in the East Bay Area. Jerry is now the first in his family to once again speak Nahuatl within 5 generations.