Rivka Rocchio, Theatre Across Prison Walls

Prison-based theatre and arts programs have been well-documented in reducing recidivism, the incidence rate of misbehavior within correctional institutions. 

Rivka Rocchio is a community-based theatre artist who has lived, taught and created art in a multitude of communities around the world including ASPC-Eyman State Prison in Arizona for the past two years. Rivka recently designed curriculum and lesson plans for, Theatre Across Prison Walls, a theatre workshop ‘inside/outside’ residency program joining imprisoned student populations at Cook Unit on ASPC-Eyman with students on the outside at Arizona State University.

The workshops and performances will be centered around the social issues in working with incarcerated populations and the prison industrial complex. Rivka hopes that this project would serve to fill an existing hole in educational and rehabilitative services in Arizona’s prisons. This grant will help Rivka, with the help of two volunteers, purchase textbooks, pamphlets, journals, tempera paint, butcher paper and costumes for performances. 

GRANT AWARD DATE:  October 1, 2015