Sefelepelo Sebata - RISE N SHINE

RISE N SHINE – RISE N SHINE (Arts for Education and the Environment)

Date grant awarded: 03/19/2018

The “RISE N SHINE project” is based on the power of the arts to help improve numeracy, literacy and life skills among young girls in rural areas near Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. This project will implement Art Clubs to help young girls and support them to complete school with a pathway to a vocation. Rural youths face many challenges including lack of resources such as adequate school supplies, teachers, no access to sanitary napkins, walking long distances to school and no electricity -girls are the most vulnerable as they have to fetch firewood and water after school making it difficult to stay engaged in school. Through poetry, drama, dance, painting and drawing, jewelry making, sanitary pad training skills, this project will help give girls a pathway to a vocation while building their confidence and voice.