Rifugio Jill Phipps – Help for larger fences for animals.

The Jill Phipps Antispeciesist Ethical Association is a project that centers on creating a shelter for animals in Albugnano, Italy. People have created this space so that animals can simply live out their lives, rather than being killed for profit. Jill Phipps was an animal rights activist who was killed on February 1st, 1995. She was hit by a truck carrying calves during a protest against the export of animals who were going to end up at the slaughterhouse. Jill’s commitment to animals inspires participants of this project.

At the JPAEA, the foundation centers on anti-speciesism, where participants boycott any form of human abuse of animals and they also work on finding suitable homes for these animals as well. The Pollination Project grant will go towards fencing for their shelter.