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Richard Fleming, Popsy

Richard Fleming, a film producer and passionate foodie from Boulder, Colorado, was inspired by the overwhelming disconnect the American culture has with food and the factory farming practices that accompany it. In response to this disconnect, he is producing a short film adaptation of Stephen King’s short story, “Popsy”.

Popsy follows Angus, a man in serious debt, who tries to pay it off by kidnapping a child. Although he successfully captures the child, the tables are turned when he becomes prey to the boy’s father. Through a series of fantastic shifts in the story line, the viewer’s perception of the emotional intelligence of animals, by depicting humans as a kind of livestock, and showing the impact of meat consumption for luxury rather than sustenance.
“There are kids that think hamburger comes from the store, not a living creature. This is evident of a culture that removes itself from nature, and thus takes unhealthy action upon itself.” says Richard, who hopes his film, “Popsy” will allow people to think differently the next time they have a meal.

The funds from The Pollination Project will be used to help bring this film to reality. To find out more check out his company website, Creative Coop.


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