Rhonda Reese, ART.Mobile

Rhonda is a mother of 5 children, a visual artist, teacher, photographer, and community activist in Columbus, Ohio. During her time as an art instructor with youth and families of the City of Columbus’ recreation and parks department, Rhonda had up close and personal view of the need for art education in inner city neighborhoods.

Columbus has faced several budget cuts in the public school systems, community programs and lack funding when it comes to programs that target lower income neighborhoods. The ART.Mobile is a community cultural art project designed to get local underprivileged youth and families active and involved in a variety art activities. Rhonda created this project because of her passion for the arts, love for her community, desire to uplift and educate, and for the opportunity to provide positive reinforcements and a platform for youth and families.

The Art.Mobile brings together a team of local artists, entertainers, teachers, and volunteers on a repurposed school bus and takes art to the streets, also bringing love, peace and joy to struggling neighborhoods that may otherwise believe that there is no hope or alternative. They map out target areas and neighborhoods and set up shop in parking lots, blocks or empty streets where the people will be allowed to participate in activities such as: art-drawing, painting, crafts, yoga, dance, drumming, urban gardening, health and wellness, eco-education, poetry, theater and more.

To learn more about ART.Mobile, visit their Facebook and Twitter page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: January 10, 2015