Rev. Marjani Dele, Sustainable Agriculture- Rooted in Community Tour to Cuba

Rev. Marjani Dele is a minister, community healer, and permaculture expert as well as an early grantee of TPP for her Teen Farming Cooperative project.  Rev. Dele has lived and worked on the edge of social change across the US, teaching social justice meditations and blogging on the intersections of faith, ecology, and policy.

In her newest initiative, Sustainable Agriculture- Rooted in Community Tour to Cuba, Rev. Dele is traveling to Cuba (one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems in the western hemisphere) with 14 community leaders from across the US. Together, these leaders will travel the countryside in order to learn about the intersection of public policy, cultural practices, land use patterns, and community resilience in the face of oppressive market forces.

In particular, Rev. Dele will focus on learning new was to improve food sovereignty in communities of color by visiting indigenous permaculture sites and studying the role of faith in sustainable community development.

She states, “Only when we change our food paradigms and manage our own food environments will communities of color have access to healthy food.”

For more information, please follow Rev. Dele on her website or GoFundMe page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: September 21, 2015