Rev Dele and Rabiah Al-Nur - Spirit of Resilience

Rev Dele and Rabiah Al-Nur – Spirit of Resilience

Date grant awarded: 09/26/2017

Rev Dele and Co-Host Rabiah Al-Nur are developing the “Spirit of Resilience” radio show to share inspiration and information for the changing social and weather climates. They envision the radio program as an organizing tool to raise the platform of women all over the globe, so they can secure resources to build resilient communities.

Dele first partnered with the Pacifica Network to organize community leaders in the Hurricane Katrina diaspora; and now, this project will will transfer resilience knowledge to communities that need it most and showcase the culture of resilience that is emerging around the globe. By specifically lifting up a woman’s narrative, they are removing isolation and increasing the capacity of communities to care for themselves during tumultuous times.