REMUSOV – Protecting Our River with Bamboo: Vaudreuil, Haiti2017-12-13T15:39:35+00:00

REMUSOV – Protecting Our River with Bamboo: Vaudreuil, Haiti

Date grant awarded: 12/13/2017

REMUSOV is a local association that supports organic farming and community microcredit in Vaudreuil, a rural community in the north of Cite Soleil, Haiti. Vaudreuil lies on the banks of the Grey River, and while this river brings the community life, it also brings destruction when it floods. Given climate change, frequent tropical storms and hurricanes, and deforestation further up river, flooding has become more frequent and the riverbank increasingly eroded.

REMUSOV is committed to protecting this environment and is cultivating bamboo to plant on the riverbank to prevent further erosion and flooding.

Project Location Map:

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