Raymond, Jacky , David and Grace – Organic Food Kenya

Date grant awarded: July 28, 2018

Raymond, Jacky, David and Grace founded Organic Food Kenya (OFOK), a project located in in Homa-Bay County. 8 volunteers run the project.

Their project focuses on:

1. Develop a working organic farm
2. Produce organic food
3. Educate farmers in organic practical techniques
4. Change the cultural mindset of farming inorganically
5. Transform the lives of the community members from eating anything, to eating food that has a known source
6. Mobilize the community and train them on the importance of caring for the earth, human beings, and animals.
7. Nurturing talents among the community’s young children

Why is their project needed:

Food security is a very big problem to most people in their community, which leads to people lacking food and eating whatever is available, regardless of its source. This poses many health hazards. Organic Food Kenya has ventured into this project of organic farming to provide solutions to human food problems.
Health problems compelled them to move with speed to mobilize the community and create awareness that they can still solve the food security issue and health problems by practicing permaculture and embracing new modern farming techniques at the same time, while selling surplus to get money. As members of the same community, the organizers of the project have witnessed, felt, and have become culprits to the same problems, which is why there is a need for this project.

What does their project involve?

Organic Food Kenya is teaching the community members how to get out of poverty, by tackling the lack of food, as well as minimizing illness. Organic Food Kenya is developing a farm where sustainable agriculture and permaculture are put together and the community members are involved to participate, learn, work, see, feel, taste, eat and implement these tactics in their own farms under the supervision of (OFOK) in making sure the transformation is achieved.

The Pollination Project funds will help OFOK purchase a water tank and drip system to harvest clean water for the community, and help irrigate their crops. They can sell the produce, which will help support the community members/farmers.