ray guzman

Ray Guzman – Viko Nùù Nduva Oaxaqueño Festivities

Date grant awarded: April 2, 2018

Grantee Name: Ray Guzman
Project Name: Viko Nùù Nduva Oaxaqueño Festivities
Grant Location: Fresno, CA, USA

Funding PartnerCalifornia Endowment

Project Description: “Viko Nùù Nduva” which comes from the Mixteco language that originally is from Oaxaca Mexico and that means “Oaxaqueño Festivities.” The Oaxaqueño Festivity contains an art gallery from different Oaxaqueño artists, dances, music and popular plates from Oaxaca. This art exhibition takes part in the city of Fresno CA in the Central Valley, where you will find Oaxaqueños – most of them are from the Mixteco community. Oaxaqueños are known to work in the agriculture industry but they are not known for their artistic side. That is the reason why this space was created to have a place where they can share some of their arts with the public. The most important goal for this exhibition is to empower the youth, and to teach them the values of our culture and to show the elders that we have not forgotten where we come from even if we are in another country.