Rangers Supporting Rangers

Rangers Supporting Rangers is a grassroots non-profit initiative that aims to end childhood hunger in the Forest Lake Area School District, located in Forest Lake, Minnesota.

According to 2014-2015 Forest Lake Area School District statistics, up to 52% of students at schools throughout the district receive either free or reduced priced lunches. Although district lunch programs address childhood hunger during the day, there are surprisingly few resources that address childhood food insecurity in the wider community outside of schools.

Working together with Family Pathways, the Sheridan Story, and a dedicated team of school counselors The Rangers Supporting Rangers program is providing children in need with nutritional support during weekends and school breaks. As of May 1, 2015, Rangers Supporting Rangers was able to support 91 students in six schools, but this Fall they will expand the program to accommodate students throughout the Forest Lake School District.

Christine Thomas, a member of their team, states, “We need to create an awareness that hunger is here in the Forest Lake Area and we can come together as a community to support these kids in need.  These students are our future.”

GRANT AWARD DATE: September 22, 2015