Rafael Ventimiglia

Rafael Osório Ventimiglia dos Santos – Educating Project: Teachers empowered to confront LGBTophobia

Date grant awarded: November 1, 2018

The Educating Project: Teachers Empowered to Confront LGBTophobia is an initiative of the LGBT People’s Human Rights activists linked to the LGBT Movement of Pará, Brazil. With the growing violence against LGBTi people in Brazil, this project aims to empower public school teachers to develop strategies to cope with LGBTi violence, LGBTfobia, and LGBTfobic bullying in schools.

The aim is to train teachers from 20 public schools in five municipalities in the state of Pará, through workshops and online platforms, so that these educators become agents of transformation and empowerment on coping with violence in the school environment and communities.