The indigenous community of Mezcala has a long history of resistance

Radio Chicharra – Radio Communitaria

Mezcala is an indigenous community with a history of over 500 years of resistance against attempts of forced displacement, outside occupation, invasion and privatization of land, amongst others. It maintains communal land rights up to date, making the villagers with their own traditional form of government the only owners of their land. One of the central pillars for the continuation and reproduction of local customs and collective ancestral memory and knowledge is and has always been oral tradition.

A community radio project will have the potential to translate this oral tradition into the new landscape of communication of the 21st century and to offer an additional way of transmitting and reproducing local knowledge in younger generations of villagers, while also helping them to understand and get involved in the communities’ current political processes.

This project funded by TPP, called Podcasts with Radio Chicharra, will continue a series of workshops on podcasts with teenagers from the indigenous community of Mezcala, Jalisco. In 19 sessions participants learn the use of diverse tools and techniques for creating their own podcasts on a topic characteristic for their community: the defense of their land. “Land” is understood here as the totality of customs, traditions, ancestral economic activities, and all else that conjoins the nature ← → human relationship.