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Quayshawn Presley, United Roots Media

Quayshawn Presley is a talented young leader who has a great vision for improving his community. He created United Roots Media, a social enterprise project that is actively promoting social justice in Oakland, California. His plan is to launch United Roots Media in collaboration with a group of other young media producers of color, who have been trained at United Roots, a local youth center.

United Roots Media is a youth-run project that connects young media producers with clients in the community. Quayshawn holds himself and those around him to a high standard, as has been shown in the work he has done to change the perception of people of color in the media. His work is absolutely vital in this time of social upheaval, he has quality technical skills, and is fully dedicated and capable of following through with building his vision.

Quayshawn has already successfully launched the Determination Campaign, a series of billboards that were designed to change the perception of black men in the media (featuring themes of health, responsibility, and community engagement), and then were placed around the City of Oakland, reaching thousands of community members.

This Grant will help United Roots Media project create meaningful employment opportunities for youth who face barriers to employment, while also showcasing stories that are often silenced in the mainstream media.

For more information visit their Website, Facebook and Instagram.

GRANT FUNDING DATE: August 28, 2015

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