Qabale Duba - Pads and Panties ( PAPA) Project

Qabale Duba – Pads and Panties ( PAPA) Project

Qabale Duba is the founder of Qabale Duba Foundation, located in Marsabit County in Northern Kenya. Qabale is so passionate about menstrual hygiene and the provision of sanitary pads to pastoralist girls in rural village schools, that she started the the Pads and Panties (PAPA) Project. Her own personal experience of missing classes due to a lack of sanitary pads in primary school motivated Qabale to start the PAPA project to keep girls in schools.

Since its inception in 2014, the PAPA Project has kept more than 3200 girls in different village schools. Therefore the project has reduced the number of girls missing classes or even dropping out of schools due to lack of basic necessity such as sanitary pads and panties. Currently, the Qabale Duba Foundation is making local reusable period panties with inbuilt pads. The TPP grant will allow them to purchase more sewing machines, purchase the materials for PAPA, and also engage more tailors to make the period panties in bulk.