Paulina Bermúdez Landa - La Biblioteca Animal

Proyecto Gran Simio México A.C. – Biblioteca Animal (Animal Library)

La Biblioteca Animal is an educational project developed by Proyecto Gran Simio México (The Great Ape Project Mexico). Its goal is to become an educational space open to the general public in order to offer them ample and quality knowledge about animals. La Biblioteca Animal’s vision is to cultivate reading habits in people while promoting respect for animals. La Biblioteca Animal contains more than 200 digital and physical books about different subjects: Philosophy, Biology, Anthropology, Law, and Ecology. There is also a section containing children’s books.

Proyecto Gran Simio México applied for the grant in order to be able to expand this collection with titles referring specifically to veganism. During the next 12 months, this grant will allow them to get ahold of more books, increase the number of book loans, and promote the veganism among the general population.