Proscovia stands in front of a group of women

Proscovia Amukowa and Lindy Wafula, Leading Ladies Club

In rural Busia, Kenya, women are gathering to share experiences and information on issues ranging from human rights to dignity of women. The Leading Ladies Club was founded when Liz, a young girl from the community was raped and women came together to march the streets seeking justice. The voices from the rural village were heard in the major cities and soon an online movement sparked with the hash tag #justiceforliz, resulting in the prosecution of the offenders.

Proscovia Amukowa is working to bring together women and offer trainings on leadership skills for greater representation and understanding within their respective families, government organizations and other social institutions. As Proscovia has grown, she has become more aware that the voices of women are often silenced and undermined, especially when issues of rights and inheritance are of concern. Deeply rooted in the culture and religion is the idea that women are second to men, submissive and thus overlooked from opportunities compared to their male counterparts, such as access to education. Together with her mentor Lindy Wafula of Women’s Institute Center of Excellence, they will plan on monthly trainings for women that center on leadership, enterprise development and networking among others.

“The most important need is to identify and celebrate women doing exemplary work in the community. For these women are the heroes that girls find admirable.”

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GRANT AWARD DATE:  October 28, 2015