Leticia Lopez-Sanchez - Giant Sequoia Youth Project

Project Lead: Leticia Lopez; Team Members: Benny Corona and Dalia Gonzalez – Giant Sequoia Youth Project

California’s Central Valley has been historically underrepresented, even though it has been the Breadbasket of the World for years. Many children work, alongside their families, in the agricultural fields on days off from school, not having the luxury to sleep in on a Saturday morning. Many families are low income, mixed status, and in need of help. Living paycheck to paycheck does not allow families to go on vacation, resulting in many youth not experiencing a hike, a camping trip, or just a day in nature until their adult years, when they can afford it.

Leticia Lopez can relate to many of these youth considering she did not have these experiences until she became an adult, which is why she is leading the Giant Sequoia Youth Project, which aims to provide these same youth from Tulare County, with an excursion to the Sequoia National Park. Team members Benny Corona and Dalia Gonzalez have already participated in a similar excursion provided by the Coalition Advocating for Pesticide Safety in collaboration with Sierra Club and will be fundamental to the development of this project.