Aviva Williamson, Jay Williamson, Tamekia Campbell, Wendell Holmes – Project Impact

Date grant awarded: 02/05/2018

Aviva Williamson’s Project Impact 2018 is service program designed to engage youth and young adults to give back to their community. It will feature a Saturday of giving food to the homeless, workshops that impact at-risk youth, private short-term mentoring, and a day of giving to local nursing homes. Saving at-risk youth who are involved in gangs is an area that needs to be strengthened in the area of Shreveport, LA. By saving children and teaching them that they can make an impact on this world, it allows them to be more compassionate. Being more compassionate is one thing our inner city youth need to learn. They must learn that it starts with one act of kindness and through that act of kindness, their whole entire world can change. Throughout the duration of Project Impact, youth and young adults will be able to learn through workshops, community service projects, mentoring programs, and enjoy healthy food. The project goals aims to improve the lives of at risk youth.