Isaiah Johnson on the stage presenting Project Beanstalk

Project Beanstalk – Project Beanstalk

Project Beanstalk is a social enterprise that was created to improve the diversity in the gaming industry. Based in Oakland, the project was founded by Isaiah Johnson along with the most fantastic, dedicated, and creative team of developers and designers. This team includes lead artist Leonardo Leon, pixel artist Glenn Ray Brooks.

Statistics show that the industry lacks diversity with very few women, people of color, people with disabilities, people who are LGBTQ and people from low-income communities, as well as other minority groups. The Project Beanstalk team aims to make the gaming industry, as a whole, all-inclusive with better representation of underrepresented groups in video games, along with more access to viable careers in the industry.

Each team member has personal inspirations as to why they are passionate about diversifying the gaming industry, which has usually stemmed from challenges they experienced breaking into the industry. These experiences sparked their desire to change the industry by creating career and education pathways for youth and adults alike.

The Beanstalk team envisions a world where diversity is normalized. A wider variety of people would make the gaming industry much more adaptive to change with the ever increasing cross pollination of cultures. Developers would be able to to tell a more powerful collective of stories through video games, spreading a greater appreciation of the infinite different cultures in our world.

The grant from The Pollination Project will help Project Beanstalk accelerate the development of their current game, Goodbye Sorceress, and allow them to gather supplies, including a new drawing tablet and merchandise for their marketplace event in Oakland, which will take place early December.