DISHA Helpline

Pravin Khandpasole, DISHA Helpline

DISHA is a non-government organization (NGO) in India. It works for rights and holistic restoration of victims of violent crimes and people at risk.

DISHA’s dream and goal is to bring ‘Equal Rights and Equal Access to Justice’ to those who are experiencing inequality. People’s genuine need for support and information led DISHA to initiate ‘Helpline.’ It is a free, informative, and outreach service for victims in Amravati district of Maharashtra.

It helps victims by answering queries, giving information for smooth navigation in the criminal justice system, helping to handle trauma and difficulties post-crime, socio-legal guidance, support services for restoration through networking with government and nongovernment organizations. ‘Helpline’ is established to inform, help, and assist crime victims to live a dignified, equal, and just life.