Poli & Ufo – Polifacética

Poli & Ufo – Polifacética

We work to give entertaining and pedagogic tools for the Spanish speaking people, in order for them to live compassionate vegan lives where they learn how to become kind through their daily practices and how these impact in the planet, the animals and themselves. We have created more than 200 videos, dozens of college lectures and free workshops in different states in Mexico, articles and social media posts, to help people gain skills to become an animals, women and environmental activists, through creative tools and healthy practices to encourage self love and solidarity.

I became an activist when I was 12 years old. Nineteen years later and I still believe that we cannot address happiness and freedom if we are not capable of loving and respecting ourselves and others. I began Polifacetica almost four years ago because I believe that sharing is powerful as a teaching tool. I want people to know that we do not have to harm animals, we do not have to consume or buy products that harm others and the planet to be happy, but most of all I want to help people to find within themselves the power to help and to spread kindness, in a country and a planet where there is so much violence against animals and women. Ever since I started sharing everything I do in Polifacetica, nearly a thousand persons – mostly women – have contacted me in person to tell me how deeply our contents have touch them and they have learn more about self respect, freedom and veganism. That is our goal: to spread knowledge with love and joy.

In that moment I didn’t have a camera or a proper computer to either keep on producing contents and edit them. TPP initial grant allow me to create more and to share it. At the moment I have only taken my work though 3 states in Mexico, however with the Impact Grant I will be able to go farther and help more people. It will help us to convert the van were we live and work right now, as a strategy to save on rent and work full time in this project, in order for it to be a proper home and office for both of us. With this help we will start an activism tour to keep creating contents while we travel to teach more people about veganism, feminism, justice and dignity for all.

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