Poli Sotomayor – Polifacética

Date grant awarded: 02/24/2018

Polifacética is a YouTube Channel about veganism, health, empathy and daily activism to help spread the consciousness about veganism and a happy, inspirational life with ecological DIY practices affordable to everyone. This project has produced, recorded, edited and divulgated almost 100 videos! The videos cover topics such as health and plant based diet, vegan recipes, biking, vlogging, health and plant based conferences, food policies, yoga, cruelty free beauty and hygiene products, ecologic subjects, daily activism, feminism. In addition, the project uses documentary journalism to spread information about veganism, health and pro animal rights. By sharing contents in different social media, this project teaches people how to live a happy and an easy vegan life, so they feel inspired to stay vegan or to go vegan. The Polifacética project aims to change the world through veganism, health, and empathy through daily education and inspiration!