Philip Dierks - College 4 All

Phil Dierks – College 4 All

Date grant awarded: October 16, 2018

College 4 All is a group of 3 Berkeley High students who hope to diminish the effects of the achievement gap by providing high school students of low socioeconomic backgrounds with free resources and information to raise test scores on standardized tests such as the SAT, ACT, and SAT Subject Tests. This is important because it allows students to get familiar with content on these tests, which will eventually make them look more competitive going into college admissions. As rising seniors, they have experience with standardized tests.

Throughout their junior year, they realized how important preparation was to achieve the score they desired, and they knew that expensive tutors and websites were not available to everyone. It was also known that there were free resources out there, but they are very hard to find. Their project aims to connect students to these resources to successfully diminish the effects of the achievement gap.

The Pollination Project grant will allow them to expand their project with more advanced programmers, such as graphic designers, and help them advertise their website through posters and flyers at local high schools.