Peterson Obusuru Omunyini – VOWICO Livelihood Creative Arts

Peterson Obusuru Omunyini - VOWICO Livelihood Creative ArtsPeterson lives in the Mt. Elgon region in Kenya, where poor roads and steep terrain make donkeys the only means of transportation and livelihood. They are chronically mistreated, beaten, overloaded, overworked and under fed.  Donkeys are expected to carry loads that are too heavy for them with no food or water for hours and are beaten profusely when they are unable to perform.  There is no health care whatsoever for donkeys who are sick or injured.

This project hopes to shift the culture and norms around they way donkeys are treated.  Peterson and his team will establish Donkey Kindness Clubs in schools to teach the next generation about caring and loving the animals in their community, starting with donkeys. They have developed a thoughtful curriculum and set of goals and outcomes for the clubs.  The project is also developing and planning donkey user workshops to show donkey handlers how to better care for the animals.

They expect 15 different schools to participate in the project launch and over 50 donkey handlers to participate in their initial workshops.  TPP funds were used to purchase basic supplies for the clubs as well as medicines for use in the donkey handler workshops.

Peterson was funded through our flow fund with the Institute for Humane Education.