A donkey lays on the ground where people are kneeling by its side.

Peterson Obusuru, Impact Integrated Humane Education

In Kenya, the treatment of donkeys can easily be considered “inhumane.” Donkeys carry heavy loads all day in the sun without food or water, and then are beaten profusely when they get tired. Peterson Obusuru’s project brings humane education to children in Narok county, Kenya through school based kindness clubs. He also trains donkey handlers in humane treatment of donkeys, as well as operating a free donkey health clinic to model compassion for donkeys. Peterson writes, “Men, who have abused animals, have gone a head abusing fellow human beings. Humane education is the solution for this much needed changes in our today’s society. Mentoring children and communities towards this change, means creating a world where all life is respected.” The impact grant will be used to establish more kindness clubs in local primary schools throughout his region.

2015 Impact Grant Award Winner