Permaculture Action Network

Permaculture Action Network, Bay Area BioRegional Crew of Permaculture Action Network

Date grant awarded: 06/01/2017

Permaculture Action Network works at the edge of art, music, culture, and the regenerative community movement, offering people a pathway to take action locally where they live. The continental network connects educators, community organizers, grassroots projects, and performance artists through Permaculture Action Days and educational events. These mass actions mobilize diverse audiences to build a healthy, life-affirming, and just world while pushing collective resilience and ecological justice to the center of society’s cultural narrative.

On April 1st, the Bay Area BioRegional Crew of the Permaculture Action Network mobilized 150 people to Soul Flower Farm, a permaculture farm, homestead, and School of Earth Medicine in the East Bay Hills of El Sobrante. Together with the Northern California Community Resilience Network and with funding from Pollination Project, this Permaculture Action Day enlivened this justice-focused permaculture farm with an outpouring of community energy. Participants planted fruit trees, dug rainwater catchment earthworks, inoculated pathways with mushrooms, prepared garden beds for spring, painted murals, crafted mosaic stepping stones, and completed a number of other regenerative projects. Meanwhile, folks enjoyed live music and performance, learned from workshops and skill-shares, and ate and communed together.

The Bay Area BioRegional Crew, along with other local crews of the Permaculture Action Network throughout the continent, will be continuing to organize Permaculture Action Days long into the Spring and Summer after concerts and in conjunction with cultural events. Find announcements at