Sofie De Wulf speaking to crowd at PeaceTalks

MasterPeace Mexico – PeaceTalks

According to figures from the Global Peace Index, Mexico occupies today, a sad twenty-third place in the list of the most violent countries in the world. According to Mexico Evalúa, only in 2017 more than 20,500 intentional homicides were carried out in Mexico; more than half of them, in Mexico City, generating a generalized climate of social conflict with notorious effects in the social fabric.

In response to this need to promote and give visibility to cultural projects that promote the Culture of Peace, MasterPeace Mexico created in 2016 the PeaceTalks: a platform of inspiration, exchange and encounter. In our PeaceTalks we like to inspire youngsters with concrete professional projects that have been organized before, so we can show with concrete examples how we can work for peace and how they can be part of a impactful peace project. We also like to have an impact in public policies around safety and security, which are now high on the agenda of the new Mexican government.

Promoting a Culture of Peace, with which I mean sensitize people about the present Culture of Violence, creating dialogue and offer concrete tools to make a change themselves, is important to me because I feel I can make a change in people’s lives, and together we can build a more peaceful and inclusive society.

We have invested a lot in research about violence and the development of methodologies how the arts, music and creativity are effective peace buildings tools. We are specializing in non-violent communication, peace – and artistic education and this impact grant allows us the specialize.

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