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Pauma Agricultural Group Farming

Date grant awarded: October 14, 2016

Following 23 years of conflict, the people of Northern Uganda are rebuilding their communities and their livelihoods from the ground up. But the insurgency took a heavy toll: in the Lamwo district, vulnerable community members who include families now headed by children after the loss of both parents and people disabled in the conflict struggle to provide for themselves and their families.

However, by coming together to support each other, these vulnerable members of the community have found that they can begin to forge a brighter future. While running a Pollination Project grant workshop in the area, East Africa Hub Team Member Jimmy Amone met the Pauma Agricultura Group, who are doing just that.

Started as a simple project to bring together community members to till and plant each other’s land, the group has quickly expanded to include loan and saving schemes, training on health issues, and creating sustainable sanitation infrastructure for the region. Despite working together for some time, the group has been unable to obtain outside funding  or support to allow them to expand their activities. Jimmy speaks passionately about their initiative and vision, and hopes that this grant will allow them to expand into new businesses such as growing and pressing sunflower crops. Through initiatives such as this, the most vulnerable in a community are no longer left to struggle alone.

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