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Paulna Valbrun, Old North Rockin’ Girls

Personal observations and first hand experiences of blatant disparities between the lower income north St. Louis Missouri community and more affluent St. Louis neighborhoods, led Paulna Valbrun to create Old North Rockin’ Girls, a safe and empowering outlet for young girls to express their artistic creativity while developing knowledge and practical skills in science, literacy and nutrition.

“We want to empower children that a city has seemed to forgotten,” says Paulna, “by giving them the chance to make their neighborhood a beautiful oasis.”

With the idea that nature can heal a community, Old North Rockin’ After School Program was developed to promote health education, academic development, and self expression. Paulna will provide a positive learning experience for the girls with projects to plant flowers and mini gardens in an effort to rid the north side of St. Louis of some of its urban decay, in addition to making the neighborhood look more aesthetically pleasing.

The After School Program will run for 3 hours after-school, Monday-Friday for the 2015-2016 academic school year. Paulna will start with 30 girls, ages 8-14, and their first project will be to plant flowers and vegetable in those identified blighted areas. This Grant will assist her with buying low-maintenance perennial seeds, trees that are native to Missouri, fertilizer, and gardening utensils.

GRANT AWARD DATE: August 12, 2015

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