Paulinx Louis, Bringing Fruit Trees Back to Terrier Rouge

Date grant awarded: December 16, 2016

Haiti is one of the most deforested countries in the world, and rural communities such as Terrier Rouge have witnessed deforestation – and its consequences – first hand.

Concerned about climate change and their community’s vulnerability, Paulinx Louis a member of a local youth group known as ISAJAH decided to launch a community reforestation campaign.

They will build a tree nursery and cultivate 500 trees (especially fruit trees) until they are ready to be planted in a community-wide campaign, which counts three local primary schools and two churches as partners. While the trees are growing, the youth group has made a commitment to educating community members about the importance of reforestation and environmental preservation to the future of Terrier Rouge.

Youth Environmental Hub Team Member Louino Robillard has worked with Paulinx Louis and had an opportunity to train the group through a leadership program. He has chosen to award a flow fund grant to support the work and says:

“Reforestation is one of the most critical issues in Haiti, and I love seeing community-driven, youth-driven reforestation efforts. In addition, I respect the connection of Paulinx to this community – he was raised in Terrier Rouge and now lives in Port au Prince, but he is the ‘youth ambassador’ from Terrier Rouge and has remained very involved with this youth group there. I believe that reinforcing the relationship between educated ‘local diaspora’ and their rural communities of origin is a very important issue in Haiti. Finally, they plan on involving many different community institutions, including three local primary schools and two churches. This kind of collaborative project ends up strengthening community cohesion.”