Collection of pictures and logo from the Up-cycling program

Paul Talliard, Hands of Honour Up-Cycling

South Africa is a country known for its iconic flat top mountain, rich history and the intersection of crystal clear oceans. Yet there is also plenty of homelessness, unemployment and environmental pollution. In Capetown, Paul Talliard is addressing these issues with the Hands of Honour Up-Cycling program.

This program will provide life skill opportunities and income generation to those who have experienced homelessness, crime and/or substance abuse through up-cycling recycled items. These items, which would otherwise end up in landfills, are provided through various partnerships. Participants in the program rehabilitate the material, such as creating garden furniture, or stripping them for sale. Half of the profits are then used to fund projects that transform dilapidated spaces into one that offers a haven full of hope and insight. Since induction, nine jobs have been created and eleven spaces have been given new life, including food gardens and places of learning.

Hands of Honour will be using the money to promote and produce their Angel Book Nook. The Angel Book Nook is designed for use in often overcrowded Early Learning Centres in South Africa’s poor communities. It is a Mini -Library and takes up very little space when folded and stored but literally opens up to reveal a world of information and adventure through the books stored within it’s confines. There are Educational toys stationed within while the front is a chalkboard and can be used as such while the other children are safely nestled inside, glued to their books.
They encourage Corporations and Donor organizations to contact them to sponsor Angel Book Nooks to needy Early Learning Centers, Orphanages or Children’s Homes.

To learn more about this project, visit their website, Facebook or Twitter.

GRANT AWARD DATE: November 23, 2015