Paul Hyoungsang Shin, Space Enterprise at Berkeley (SEB)

Date grant awarded: 3/1/2017

Paul H. Shin and Victor M. Garza are the founders of Space Enterprise at Berkeley (SEB). They started SEB because they noticed the UC Berkeley has a large population of students, not just in the sciences and engineering, who are very interested in space but have no clear the way of getting involved on-campus due to the lack of endorsed space programs or organizations.

So, to open up more opportunities for students, they structured SEB to comprise of 5 project teams (space propulsion, policy, medicine, environment, and technology) to work on projects that address a wide variety of relevant issues in space. By doing so they were not only able to get students involved but also able to tackle problems more effectively by using a collaborative approach. Their team projects range from allowing astronauts to be able to perform surgery in micro-gravity to studying terra-forming optimal microbial growth in simulated Martian soil.