Patrick Scorese – Live Art as Effective Activism: A Symposium

Date grant awarded: June 19, 2018

Patrick Scorese Allison Brzezinski, Nikita Chaudhry are the organizers of the project “Live Art as Effective Activism: A Symposium”, located in Brooklyn, NY. The symposium on contemporary performance and activist efficacy aims to foster an open and critical exchange of ideas to refine creative, collaborative, and nonviolent approaches to activism through the performing arts. This project will organize the labor of performing artists for a cohesive and sustained campaign to use the arts as a tool for social justice.

This community gathering in New York City will be a two-day marathon of round table discussions, panel discussions, workshops, lectures, and performances. It will be free to the public and the audience will be encouraged to participate directly in the conversations. This will be a landmark event bringing artists, art-lovers, students, scholars, and activists together to discover how live art can activate real change. The organizers are pleased to announce that this undertaking is possible thanks to a generous seed grant from The Pollination Project!