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Patrick Jerome, Save Our Youths

As a refugee living in Kenya’s slums, Patrick Jerome is no stranger to the hardships that Kenya’s most impoverished youth face on a day-to-day basis. Through his project SOY (Save Our Youths), Patrick is helping to change these realities for youth living in the Githurai community, one of Nairobi, Kenya’s most impoverished slums.

The Githurai community has been identified by the Kenyan government as one of the most insecure places in the county. Much like the areas where Patrick grew up, Githruai is plagued by high rates of unemployment, poverty, gang-related activity, and prostitution. With few job prospects on the horizon, youth from the area rarely acquire the education or job skills that could help them break out of the vicious cycle of poverty and crime.

In his project, Patrick and his team of volunteers will partner with the county government youth officer, motivational speakers, local schools, and job providers to offer business management and job skills training to Githurai’s most vulnerable youth (ages 19-25 ). Following the completion of the three month training program, youth will be offered employment at participating local businesses.

GRANT AWARD DATE: August 30, 2015

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