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Patrick Etomet, the Koreng Youth Passion Fruit Production Project

Patrick Etomet is the chairman of Koreng Youth Action for Development (KOYAD), a non-profit organization that empowers youth from the Koreng Parish of Bukedea, Uganda with employment skills. Koreng Parish is one of the many places in Uganda that has high rates of school attrition due to the ever-increasing costs of school fees, endemic poverty, and high levels of teen pregnancy and criminal activity.

The Koreng Youth Passion Fruit Production Project will teach youth to establish and manage commercial passion fruit farms. The program will be hosted on one acre of land where participants will learn the most effective techniques for planting and tending passion fruit. The vision is to develop both farming skills and business skills for the participants who will use the passion fruit farms for income.

Throughout the summer, Patrick and his team of 14 volunteers, will guide youth in the process of clearing the land, planting seeds, creating manual irrigation systems, and fencing the area in.

For more information, please follow KOYAD on Twitter, and visit them on their website and Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: June 6, 2015

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