Patricia Swan-Smith, Friends and Families Matter

Patricia Swan-Smith, Friends and Families MatterPatricia Swan-Smith is an advocate for families with loved ones who are incarcerated. Her Montana-based organization, Friends and Families Matter, helps coordinate prison/jail visits and educate the public on the lack of rehabilitation opportunities in prisons.

“Many of the families hit with having a loved one incarcerated deal with increased poverty, hardships and stigmatization,” Patricia said. “Our corrections system has miserably failed to habilitate/rehabilitate, and it continues to create millions of victims. While there are many support systems for victims of crimes, which there should be, there needs to be more support for the other victims of incarceration.”

The project offers support groups for families and friends and rehabilitation opportunities for loved ones coming out of the prison system, alongside lobbying for the needs of those inside Montana’s prisons and the families and friends outside.

Funds from the Pollination Project will go toward the cost of printing newsletters for families and their incarcerated loved ones, as well as software and a phone for the organization.

GRANT AWARD DATE:  September 28, 2014