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Rhiannon Gallagher - Hopeful Planet News

Parents for the Planet – Hopeful Planet News

Date grant awarded: 12/16/2017

The Hopeful Planet News project is the new public voice of Parents for the Planet, Rhiannon Gallagher’s “support group for planet caregivers”.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Parents for the Planet are practicing a new relationship with the planet, as caregivers and nurturers rather than users and takers. Many people aren’t acting on climate change because they are frightened and overwhelmed. Parents for the Planet offers bookclubs, movies, walks, online grief circles, and other ways to connect with fellow planet caregivers.

This new project will provide information on hopeful news and innovations; positive activism; and celebrations of the beauty and complexity of our world. Through an extended social media presence, a podcast, and a wider range of connection points, Parents for the Planet will bring more people into active planet parenting.

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