Paola Gonzalez

Paola Gonzalez Matthias Rös Martha Baena – Urban bees as tool for education and conservation

Paola Gonzalez, Matthias Rös, and Martha Baena are the co-founders of the project, Urban Bees as Tool for Education and Conservation, located in Xalapa and Coatepec, Mexico.
Bees are an essential component of all terrestrial ecosystems, including urban environments. Despite the growing general concern about the decline of bee populations, there is little information about the wild bee species that share the city with us in our backyards and gardens. The Pollination Project grant will help the co-founders make citizens aware of the diversity of native bees that inhabit the urban environment, and help them improve public knowledge on why (and how) we should protect them. This will help them promote suitable environments for wild bees in their cities.