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Panchayat Raj Movement, Herbal Kitchen Gardens among the Rural Poor

Panchayat Raj Movement (PRM) is a small non-profit organization that promotes sustainable development for the most impoverished and vulnerable social groups living in the rural Pudukkottai District of Tamil Nadu, India. To date, they have already successfully organized a variety of environmentally-minded, social and economic development programs targeting members of India’s lowest castes throughout the region.

In the organization’s newest initiative, the Promotion of Herbal Kitchen Gardens among the Rural Poor, PRM is helping impoverished widows and single-parents in the Pudukkottai District establish household gardens capable of feeding their families while providing them with a much needed source of supplemental income.

Working collaboratively with local leaders and concerned citizens, over the next year, PRM’s team of volunteers will provide horticultural training to over 60 widows and single parent families in 15 different villages throughout the region. Participants will receive training and material support for the establishment of household gardens where they will learn to cultivate a variety of important nutritional and commercially valuable produce.

For more information, please visit PRM’s website.

GRANT AWARD DATE: September 2, 2015

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