Pamela Adie

Pamela Adie, The Equality Hub – Under The Rainbow, the documentary

Date grant awarded: October 14, 2018

In a recent study, 61% of Nigerians said that homosexual Nigerians should not have access to public services like healthcare and education, while 83% said they would reject a family member who is homosexual. Under the Rainbow is a feature-length documentary in which we see a Nigerian lesbian narrate her journey of self-discovery. As she takes us through her experiences, we see first-hand what it is to be homosexual in an unforgivingly homophobic Nigeria, and the total alienation that can come from being despised, ostracized and ridiculed by the ones you love. This is a story of rejection and loss, but also the powerful story of the triumph that comes with love.

Under the Rainbow was written, directed, and produced by Pamela Adie. She was inspired to make this film because she believes that visual storytelling has the power to change perceptions that lead to acceptance. The grant from the Pollination Project contributes to making this goal a reality by ensuring that the film is completed in the highest quality and that it is accessible to those who need to see it.