Pam Deboer - Everyone Can Play

Pam Deboer, Everyone Can Play

Date grant awarded: 07/24/2017

Special education administrator, Pam DeBoer, observed students with challenges in the school yard, self-isolating and roaming the yard during play. Unfortunately, when the school was built, a play structure was not included in the play yard. PlayAfter classroom lessons were held for students to build an understanding about children with challenges, and a school field trip to an inclusive play structure was held. With the support of the non-profit “Shane’s Inspirations”, students were buddied with another child with challenges who found engaging play through the inclusively-built play structure.

To memorialize and inspire where all children can play together, a student-designed and painted mural will be completed as a backdrop for the new (waiting to be built) inclusively designed play structure. The mural that will be painted on a large bin next to the play structure will ensure that no one will be left alone to play.