Paloma Diaz – Mariposas Revolucionarias

Mariposas Revolucionarias is a community located in San Diego / Tijuana made up of youth and minorities. We work to make our world a better place. We advocate veganism, art, gardening, food security, Native American culture, zero waste movement, and more! This project is important because our community is suffering homelessness, poverty, and a lack of food security. Born after living among poverty and being homeless in the Dominican Republic for six years and Tijuana for 5 years, we aim to provide positive recreational community activities for our community.

The grant will allow us to start are first large project, a community garden. This community garden will allow native plants to flourish, food security be more established and create a safe space for our community to continue prospering. The community garden will serve as a recreational area, herbal garden, and food basket. We also plan to have a beehive and butterfly garden on the premises.