Terana Boyd – Well Rounded Resources


Well Rounded Resources, WRR, is a non-profit organization that provides community residents with a professional portfolio for free. A professional portfolio includes a resume, cover letter, reference sheet, and an explanation letter if a person has a felony. [...]

Humánny pokrok – A van for vegan food festivals in Slovakia


We are working towards ending the animal agriculture in order to save tens of billions of animals every year and in order to stop catastrophic climate change. Our project is promoting sustainable and compassionate diets, that don't include any animal ingredients, that have lower environmental impact and lower carbon footprint.

Million Dollar Teacher Project


s an organization we believe that if we truly want healthy schools and better outcomes for students we must have a healthy teaching profession. MDTP creates community-centered, cost effective programs aimed at increasing how teachers are recognized, supported and eventually compensated.

Social Justice Sewing Academy


SJSA addresses the lack of free sewing and art making opportunities for youth in under-resourced communities. We tackle this by providing free programming to those communities. This work is important to me because I have seen the power of art in sharing opinions, informing communities, and being called to action!

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