Padma Sherni

Padma Sherni Inc. – The Music and Literacy Promotion Project

According to U.S. Census data, approximately 35% of children in Wilmington, Delaware live in poverty. In cities with higher rates of poverty, fewer students are reading on grade level and exhibit lower overall academic achievement. The Music and Literacy Promotion Project (MLPP) addresses educational disparities for preschool students in Northern Delaware, particularly for children living in poverty.

The primary goal of this project is to promote childhood brain development and literacy for children of all income groups, and especially those experiencing poverty. MLPP will address low literacy among all children by working directly with preschools in Northern Delaware to provide 20 minutes of group music time per classroom, 20 minutes of shared reading, and a 20 minute literacy assessment per child at two time points across 3 months.

Music programming, shared reading, literacy promotion, and emerging literacy assessments will prepare children in Northern Delaware to succeed in Kindergarten and ensure children with delays or disabilities receive early intervention while simultaneously supporting multicultural awareness through the arts.