Michael Owor - Bendo Youth Technicians

Owori Michael, Olowo Peter and Wadoyo – Bendo Youth Technicians

Date grant awarded: 11/08/2017

Owori Michael, a technician with over 20 years of working experience would like to train youths on television, phones, radio, computer and other electronics repair, for a period of one year. According to Michael, “Brain work is a permanent source of wealth. I have a personal experience that even without formal education, people can still earn a living. I have worked in electronics for 29 years repairing televisions, radios, phones, computers, flat irons, DVD players, transformers, speakers, among other electronics. I would like to pass this skill to the youth.”

Many of the rural young people in Uganda today are gambling with no work to do. Many have resorted to stealing, drinking, drugs and other unethical behaviors. The high unemployment rate in Uganda is worse for uneducated people. Owori passionately wants to change the lives of these young people by encouraging them to learn skills in repairing radios, phones and computers. The project will last for a period of one year and will train 25 youth between the ages of 15-25 from 8 villages. The training will give young people the skills needed to start their life businesses, become responsible citizens and be able to pass their knowledge to the next generation.