Our Curls - Ribbon Ball

Our Curls, Inc. – Ribbon Ball

Date grant awarded: June 6, 2018

Our Curls, Inc. is the first organization in the Western New York area to provide services tailored to women of color with cancer who are under-served in the area. It was created by a cancer patient while she was going through treatment to ensure that no other women would have to suffer in silence! Our Curls, Inc. will provide services to persons with any type of cancer because we believe that all cancers matter!

We strive to provide: free ethnic wigs, free wig trimming, support groups for caregivers and survivors, referral to resources, makeover programs, respite and support to caregivers, chemo care bag distribution, sponsorship to oncology camps, and more. Our Curls, Inc. is giving voice to those who have been forgotten, rendered invisible, and silenced. We are empowering our community with information on all cancers and how they look in terms of symptoms, treatment, and recovery.

The Ribbon Ball will bring much needed awareness of these cancers so they can be proactive in their health care.